AminoLabs work with our data to support product innovation in protein powders

AminoLabs is a Belgium-based contract manufacturer known across the industry for their innovation. They are the preferred supplier of a large number of internationally renowned brands in health and sports nutrition.

The Business Development department was looking for a data supplier that would add value to their client conversations. Traditional data houses did not provide the level of detail required to advise clients on relevant trends and innovation opportunities.

Nutrition Integrated provided AminoLabs with access to protein powder data on their online platform alongside a market report based on the latest data. This allowed them to drill down and make sense of the claims, ingredients and nutritional data behind the 1000+ products in the database. They then used these statistics and charts in communications with their clients to back up their innovation efforts.

The combination of being able to ask their own questions alongside a stimulating market report means AminoLabs are able to engage in innovation with their eyes wide open, and demonstrate this enhanced understanding with their clients.