Nuzest optimised their approach to market for nutrition bars

Nuzest is a premium nutritional supplements brand headquartered in Australia and retailing into multiple markets including the US, UK and Germany.

We were approached by Nuzest Europe to test their product concept of two different bars before launching into the UK market. They provided us with the claims, flavours, nutritional information ,ingredients and retail price for the bars in question. The Good Green Stuff Bars (now known as Good Green Vitality Bars) were originally launched in New Zealand back in 2015. Since then, the formulation has changed little, but the Nuzest Europe team wanted to tailor their communications to succeed in the UK market, on shelf and online.

Nutrition Integrated provided a bespoke report based on where Nuzest’s bar sat in the context of the UK market with regard to multiple metrics including claims, price and protein dose. The data was supported by practical considerations around what to communicate to the UK market in order to differentiate and succeed in a crowded market.