February 2023

February 24, 2023

#1 What is active nutrition

At times it feels like we are paralysed by definitions. What is or isn’t sports nutrition? Is Active Nutrition really only about sports becoming more mainstream? But what about the democratised world of dietary supplements, and weight management?

We define our whole universe as Active Nutrition, and believe it is the best term to reflect the growth of consumers who are looking to adopt more proactive behaviours towards exercise and nutrition for the purpose of improving health (and wellness). As part of a lifestyle where exercise is important but the performance of which is less so (or it is not the motivation). 

In this sense, Active Nutrition connects the democratised worlds of enhanced or functional nutrition, which includes sports (or performance) nutrition, dietary supplements, weight management, and inner beauty. And it is being defined by the next generation of brands who are very much about “pro” active nutrition solutions for health and daily performance.  


#2 Plant or Vegan?

One of the most basic questions asked, but until now was not answered, is what is the view on whether products (in this case protein powders) should be called 'plant' or 'vegan'.

The assumption here is that vegan is niche and plant is more mainstream.

As such, we wanted to answer this by taking the naming convention of all plant protein powders in Europe and North America and identify whether they use 'plant' or 'vegan'.

In Europe, 34% of plant protein powders use ‘vegan’ in their naming convention whilst only 5% use ‘plant’. In contrast, in North America, 19% use ‘vegan’ whilst 22.5% use ‘plant’.

The difference in approach between Europe vs North America is stark and perhaps shows why plant protein is more mainstream in the latter.

We can't help but wonder whether this is holding back plant protein in Europe, or conversely, a change in tact is what is needed to accelerate potential growth.

Surely 'plant' is the future.


#3 Gut webinar

The gut and microbiome are one of the most important target areas to improve human health and it is a category primed for growth. 

Join us for our webinar and discover what the brand and product landscape looks like and how we expect this category to evolve.

A Gut Feeling  |  2nd March 2023  |  15:00 GMT

Don’t miss out and reserve your place today


#4 Upcoming shows and events

A new year means a new event schedule. 

We’re really looking forward to attending what should be some really interesting and exciting industry events this year.  We’re kicking off with a visit to the White Label show next week.  If any of you are going and fancy meeting for a coffee and to chat about all things Nutrition Integrated and ANIE (our data and insights platform) then let Charlotte know.

Later in the year we’ll be visiting…
# Natural Products Expo West - Anaheim
# International Food and Drink - London
# National Convenience Show - Birmingham
# Vita Foods - Geneva

#5 NEW REPORT “Clear Protein - breaking free from the traditional stereotype”

Our latest report covers how clear protein is an important innovation changing the scope and perception of protein consumption.  

Drop Charlotte a line for more information.

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