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The only dedicated company for data and insight on the active nutrition category. Answering the questions that need to be answered - we help you make sense of the trends to inform strategy and innovation.

Actionable insight, real-time, has never been more accessible.

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We challenged the existing data, defined more relevant product categories and created a fresh approach to data and insight. We built ANIE, our own Active Nutrition Information Ecosystem. 

Making data analysis simple, refreshing, and intuitive - ANIE enables you to review the brand and product landscape, analyse product details, track new product launches and delists, and monitor price and (Amazon) performance. 

Inclusive of our reports and narrative and with various subscription options for different roles and requirements, data and insight have never been more accessible. 









Reports & Insights

Market reports provide you with an in-depth analysis of strategic datasets, including data insights and expert commentary.


Dive into the detail using our data and charts to unpick the nutrients, ingredients, claims and flavours,  of products. Compare values across different groups of products, interrogate the data points and identify outliers.

Brand Directory

Quickly find brands present in different categories and markets, showing you the true extent of Active Nutrition across Europe and North America


Keep on top of new product and brand launches, spot new trends or common themes across new products and recognise unique and interesting propositions as soon as they appear.


Explore each dataset by quickly applying filters across multiple metrics, to see which products fit that criteria. A great tool to compare concepts with competitors and/or find white space for innovation.


Understand how the market is changing with a clear view of new and delisted products, and percentage growth in specific product groups over the last 12 months.

Amazon Data

Increase your awareness of Amazon sales volume, the contribution of key brands and product categories, and monthly variation in sales.

Retail Data

Review and track which brands and bars are available in major retailers. Discover the price brands are selling RTM protein powders online. Allowing you to follow the trends in pricing over time and compare pack sizes.

ANIE subscription options

We want to remove as many barriers to accessing good-quality data and insight as possible.  This is why we have five subscription or product offerings in our ANIE family, to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from the power of data.

ANIE 360

Everything ANIE - Access to all our reports, daily insights and exclusive webinars along with all of our tools that enable you to review the brand and product landscape, analyse product details, track new product launches and delists, and monitor price and (Amazon) performance. 

The perfect platform to help you define your strategy, support business development, inspire and test innovation and educate internal teams and/or external customers.  

ANIE Insight

ANIE goes mobile - Multiple daily insights covering the latest data analysis, new product launches, and key opinion pieces on claims, nutrients, flavours, packaging and much more on our key datasets. We answer the questions that need to be answered. 

Accessible via a mobile app or your desktop, this is the ideal solution for monitoring the trends and dynamics of the Active Nutrition market.

ANIE Performance

Support commercial strategy with our tools dedicated to tracking price and monitoring Amazon performance. Offering unique insight into price and promotional activity of products over time, in addition to the best performing products (ASINs) on Amazon UK, DE and US.  

Providing important indicators of price and performance, this is the ideal tool to help you to guide and validate your go to market strategies.

ANIE Innovate

Inspire Innovation with a comprehensive range of tools that enable you to review the brand and product landscape, analyse product details (claims, nutrients, ingredients, flavours etc) and track new product launches and delists. 

Designed for those in R&D and product development, ANIE Innovate allows you to assess the competition, identify white space opportunities and test new concepts.

ANIE Prospect

Accelerate business development with a comprehensive directory of over 3000 brands, across 40 countries, including their products, country of origin and website information. We have done the work for you, helping you to identify the next generation of brands. 

Access anytime and at the click of a button - ANIE Prospect is tailored for those in sales and business development.

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