Our range of products and services have been developed to help you get the data you need and, what’s more, understand it and make it relevant to your business.

"Nutrition Integrated’s ability to process and summarise is an asset to the whole industry.”


Bespoke reporting

Our bespoke reports provide unparalleled data and insights that meet your exact needs.

Using our proprietary data and team specialisms, our bespoke reports answer your questions to provide information that’s specific to your business, giving you the detail you need to support your strategic, commercial and R&D goals.  

Reports can be shared in a variety of ways to best meet your teams’ needs, from pre-recorded videos to watch asynchronously, to strategic workshops that align the report findings with your business objectives.

"Nutrition Integrated’s data, webinars, insights and custom reports have been extremely valuable in proving concept and aiding with decision making"


Prospecting lists

Our bespoke prospecting lists support your business development objectives.

Working with you to understand your target market and audience, we can provide bespoke lists of relevant brands or products to target to support your business development activity.


Expert consultation, working alongside your business on a bespoke basis.

Combining our extensive team experience with our data, we provide expert consultation that delivers specific, in-depth analysis and insights to support your business objectives, from strategy and innovation to product launch, and everything in between.

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"Nutrition Integrated is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and able to talk around the data and answer any questions asked, which has really helped us level up our innovation and overall product strategy"


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