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who we are

We are industry insiders

We are home to the most up to date, relevant and exhaustive database of active nutrition products, with established datasets for functional bars, protein powders, protein ready to drinks, and gaming nutrition. Our database provides us with unique and unparalleled context into the dynamics of this evolving category.

We are proud to say that we are the only dedicated platform to Active Nutrition!

Unlike traditional market insight businesses, we are fully immersed in the category we study. Driven by our passion for products and the active nutrition market, we are relentlessly tracking, analysing and discussing trends and changes every day, and integrate this data with our extensive industry knowledge. Looking at the industry from the inside out is what separates us from the rest.

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Our Clients

ANIE is designed to make accurate data accessible to everyone within the Active Nutrition supply chain – and everyone within your business. From R&D to Marketing, CEO to Business Development, our purpose is to make everyone’s job easier.

what we do

This is Active Nutrition

There is a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour when it comes to health and wellbeing; proactively making healthier choices and living an active lifestyle is now a mainstream goal.

Consumers appreciate that sports nutrition goes beyond aesthetics, weight management is more than just calorie counting, and dietary supplements offer multiple benefits, even to those at the peak of health. They have never been more interested in products once perceived as niche.

This shifting landscape means that existing categories are breaking free of their traditional roles to become more relevant to more people. And this is why you need Nutrition Integrated

what we believe in

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about product and constantly curious about the category in which we specialise. We are committed to unlocking the industry’s potential through empowering those within it.

Our data continues to evolve, and so does our understanding. At Nutrition Integrated we never stop learning, never stop sharing and never stop pushing our clients and our industry forward. We carry with us a true passion, and we hope that enthusiasm radiates from us to our clients.

Our mission is to inspire clients to provide the absolute best for consumers, whilst also igniting a love of data and knowledge, and the potential they reveal. We strive to become ‘Integrated’ in our clients’ business. When they realise they cannot operate without our ANIE, cannot strategise without our Insights; that is the moment we have achieved our goal.

our specialism

The Source

What makes Nutrition Integrated so integral to our clients’ success, is that we are not only their source of data and reports, but their source of insight and knowledge.

Through the integration of data capture, data analysis and command of the industry, we continue to redefine the market in which we operate. With this industry leading approach, we are able to help our clients make sense of the trends, and to better inform decision making, innovation, business development and commercial growth.

By challenging traditional methods of data collection, categorisation and interaction we change not only how you connect with data, but how you connect that data to your business

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