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Nuzest, a premium nutritional supplements brand based in Australia, retails in multiple markets, including the US, UK, and Germany. 

Nuzest Europe approached Nutrition Integrated while testing product concepts for two different bars before launching them into the UK market. It provided claims, flavours, nutritional information, ingredients, and retail prices for the bars, which had originally been launched in New Zealand in 2015 as Good Green Stuff Bars (now Good Green Vitality Bars). 

Although the formulation had changed little, Nuzest Europe wanted to tailor its communications to ensure the bars’ success in the UK market, both on shelf and online.

Nutrition Integrated delivered a bespoke report, showing where Nuzest's bars sat within the UK market based on various metrics, including claims, price, and protein dose. The data was supported by practical considerations advising Nuzest on how to effectively communicate to the UK market and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Nutrition Integrated solution:

Bespoke report


Beneo, part of the Südzucker Group, is a leading food producer in Europe with extensive experience in developing and producing functional ingredients for food, animal feed, and pharmaceuticals.

Beneo contacted Nutrition Integrated as it was looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the gaming market, and our high-quality data and extensive knowledge in the gaming industry provided the expertise it needed.

We worked closely with the team at Beneo to identify their objectives and specific enquiries regarding the gaming market. We then developed a comprehensive gaming and e-sports report that detailed the current landscape of the nutrition markets in the EU and US and addressed Beneo's specific questions, delivering a personalized and interactive product.

To maintain continuous market insights, Beneo receives quarterly updates of the report. These updates include Amazon sales data and information on new brands entering the market, ensuring Beneo remains informed and proactive in its strategies.

Nutrition Integrated solution:

Bespoke report


FrieslandCampina, a leading dairy and global ingredient supplier based in the Netherlands, provides dairy proteins for active and performance nutrition products. Beyond supplying ingredients, FrieslandCampina collaborates with brands to develop protein bar concepts, addressing challenges such as taste, texture, and shelf life

FrieslandCampina’s marketing team approached Nutrition Integrated to gain insights into the protein bar market.

Using our proprietary data platform, ANIE, the team was able to analyse data on the claims, ingredients and protein doses of more than 3,000 protein bars across the market, helping them better understand how to position FrieslandCampina’s own bar solutions.

FrieslandCampina chose Nutrition Integrated over other data suppliers due to our comprehensive data and the relevance of our categories, which acknowledge the evolving way consumers categorise products.

Nutrition Integrated solution:



Customer testimonials

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"Nutrition Integrated's insights are a cut above the rest. You can never understand your category too much."

Jordan Donohue

Business development manager


"Nutrition Integrated puts us in a position where, as an ingredient supplier, we have better insights into the category than our customers."

Jonathan Ayres

Commercial director


Nutrition Integrated’s ability to process and summarise is an asset to the whole industry.”

Renato Costa

Ingredient lead EMEA


Nutrition Integrated has made the role of a market intelligence manager possible, thanks to its interesting and valuable data and insights. What’s more, it’s committed to constantly improving and is open to supporting an ongoing dialogue in order to provide the best value for its clients.”

Maroula Karanasiou

Market intelligence manager


"Nutrition Integrated has been a great asset to our business. The data provided in ANIE, as well as webinars, insights and custom reports, has been extremely valuable in proving concept and aiding with decision making.

“Not to mention the context that Nick can provide. He's extremely knowledgeable about the industry and able to talk around the data and answer any questions asked, which has really helped us level up our innovation and overall product strategy."

Rowan Cooke

Head of innovation


Nutrition Integrated provides the data and insights we need to make sense of the trends and inform our market intelligence.

“Its detailed information on vast amounts of brands and products, not just globally but locally, tells us what we need to know about global and local market trends for bars, powders and pricing, that in turn guides our category management team.

“The price and volume figures obtained from Amazon each month allow us to track how product sales are changing over time, while the detailed nutritional analysis enables concepts to be created and tested.”

Thomas Van Der Velden

Category manager, Sports & Nutrition

Prinsen Berning

Nutrition Integrated provides more than the latest trends and insights. With its in-depth market knowledge and expertise around consumer behaviour it reveals future trends, helping to inform our market approach and strategy.

“It’s this data and expertise that means Nutrition Integrated was the only place to go to find out the latest trends and dynamics in protein bars, and to bring us up to speed on the opportunities in sports and gaming”

Sarah O’Neill

Global strategy director


Nutrition Integrated provides us with killer actionable insights into a category that is not well tracked by traditional market mapping tools and systems.  

“In addition to quality data, knowledge and reports, Nutrition Integrated supports us in problem solving challenging strategic questions that enable us to identify and map future trends and opportunities.  

“In summary, Nutrition Integrated truly understands the active nutrition category and its ever-evolving dynamics, to provide a solution that we haven’t seen from any other supplier.”

Sonja Matthews

Senior manager, strategic insights EMEA & ASPAC


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